Become a Sponsor

Sponsor a child or a family

The differently-abled child or the child of the differently-abled parent is supported by a benefactor or a group of benefactors to improve the education or medical side of the sponsored child

Families find it difficult to improve their life situation due to the disability of the main breadwinner of the family. There are families having more disabled at the same house. One of the families is sponsored by a benefactor or group of benefactors. 

Donate to Community-based Rehabilitation

  • Social integration programs for the differently abled persons at different levels
  • Empowerment to organize their lives
  • Livelihood support
  • Support for medical screening, treatments, follow-ups and medicines.
  • Patient care & physiotherapy
  • Educational helps for the differently abled children
  • Making it easier to attain necessary mobility devices
  • provide relief from total dependency
  • Awareness programming